Anxiety, Stress, PTSD

REMAP Videos

The following six REMAP videos were filmed based on material that I presented at the Anxiety Disorder Association of America’s 2011 annual conference.  These short videos also appear on YouTube.

  Anxiety, Stress & PTSD Treatment-Therapy — Quick REMAP part 1

Introduces Quick REMAP and three interventions for calming the nervous system, easing emotional distress and treating PTSD. The treatment is also effective in anxiety & panic attacks therapy. This video focuses on the benefits of regulating the breathing to six breaths per minute.


  Anxiety, Stress & PTSD Treatment-Therapy — Quick REMAP part 2

Stress relieving breathing exercise to help calm the nervous system, reduce emotional stress and ease anxiety. This six breath-per-minute technique is one of the tool utilized in Quick REMAP. It can be used at home or in psychotherapy.


  Anxiety, Stress & PTSD Treatment-Therapy– Quick REMAP part 3

Quick REMAP mindfulness technique (KAVE technique) for the reduction of anxiety, stress and PTSD symptoms is explained. This can be used alone to calm the nervous system or within the REMAP process as one component for treating distress. This method can be used in therapy and counseling or for self-help.


  Anxiety, Stress & PTSD Treatment-Therapy — Quick REMAP part 4

Quick REMAP mindfulness technique exercise. Also referred to as the KAVE technique, this exercise can be used to help reduce anxiety and stress symptoms.  As a therapist and counselor, I frequently guide the people I work with through this exercise.


  Anxiety, Stress & PTSD Treatment-Therapy — Quick REMAP part 5

Introduction to the emotional midbrain and its role in anxiety, stress, post traumatic stress (PTSD), panic attacks, and phobias. It explains why talk oriented therapy can be ineffective and points toward what will help.


  Anxiety, Stress & PTSD Treatment-Therapy — Quick REMAP part 6

Learn the first four acupressure points used in Quick REMAP and why they are so effective for relieving anxiety, stress and post traumatic stress disorder.


This video was filmed at a REMAP training seminar in Germany in 2008.  It illustrates Quick REMAP therapy in action during a counseling-psychotherapy demonstration. 


Quick REMAP Demonstration Video — Germany 2008 from Steve B. Reed on Vimeo.

These slides show graphs illustrate changes in psychological inventories of PTSD / war trauma clients who were treated with Quick REMAP.  The treatment times are relatively short and the treatment results were large.  In my experience, this is common for single incident traumas treated with Quick REMAP.

These slide show graphs illustrate changes in both psychological inventories and physical distress measures (Heart Rate Variability) of a domestic violence victim after treatment with Quick REMAP. 

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