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Learn Quick REMAP

Rapid Emotional Relief Tools in 3 Steps

Below are all of the distance learning products that professionals and the public can order.

Included are the Quick REMAP materials and some of the full REMAP materials.

Currently, these materials can be purchased here online by using PayPal or you can order them with your credit card over the phone by calling my office at 972-997-9955.

If you are not able to attend the live training, then this is the next best way to learn REMAP.

So order the products below and discover the exciting world of REMAP that's waiting for you.

Step 1:
Watch the Quick REMAP Seminar on DVD

Quick REMAP Seminar on DVD

Experience two exciting days of Rapid Emotional Relief Training -

Filmed by a professional film crew using HD cameras for quality video -

Feel like you are one of the participants.  Hear all of the details.  See the case examples, experience the group exercises, and learn the finer points of Quick REMAP in action during 5 individual demonstrations.

The next best thing to being there can be even better because you can watch it over and over! 

Price: $219.00 (plus shipping)

Sold Out – Contact the office for information about availability

Quick REMAP Rapid Emotional Relief Seminar

For Seminar Details See:

Quick REMAP Seminar Brochure PDF

Step 2: Read the Quick REMAP Handbook

Quick REMAP Self-Help e-Book

The Quick REMAP Self-Help e-Book (PDF format) is 73 pages (8.5" x 11") of step-by-step instructions on how to get started with the Quick REMAP protocols. 

Everything you need to get started in included.

Price: $33.00

Quick REMAP Professional e-Book (PDF format)

The Quick REMAP Professional Handbook is 90 pages in length.  It is a longer version of the self-help book.  It includes everything that is in the self-help book plus an additional section on the use of psychological instruments to measure the progress of individuals in treatment.  It also includes further research information as well.

Price: $36.00

Step 3: Listen to the Quick REMAP Audio CDs

Treating PTSD, Everyday Traumas and High-Stress Events

A Quick REMAP Seminar on audio CD

This is a one-day Quick REMAP training in Treating PTSD.  Learn the dynamics involved in PTSD, Everyday Traumas, and High-Stress Events. 

Learn how to apply the Quick REMAP 4-point Protocol and other Quick REMAP interventions to relieve this type of suffering. 

Includes audio CDs and a disk with 37 pages of handouts in a PDF.

Price: $109.00 (plus shipping)

Treating PTSD Everyday Traumas and High Stress Events

For Seminar Details See:

PDF Brochure


Quick REMAP 2-Hour Introduction

This lecture introduces you to Quick REMAP and discusses the Quick REMAP 4-point Protocol for treating trauma.  Quick REMAP works with a small number of "evidence-based" acupoints that have been studied at Harvard Medical School and other prestigious institutions.  There is a live demonstration of Steve utilizing the technique to treat someone who was severely burned and had to go through the trauma of a hospital burn unit.

You will also get a brief introduction to the full REMAP process.  This is Steve's original method for working with the entire meridian system.  It explains some of the details regarding how you can identify the exact meridians and exact acupoints that need treatment the most.

Price: $29.00 (plus shipping)

Quick REMAP Introductory Lecture & Demo on CD

Quick REMAP 1-Hour Lecture & Demonstration

On walking a group through a Quick REMAP Exercise and tracking the results with psychological inventories.  The experiment produced significant results with only minutes of treatment.

Quick REMAP Group Treatment Improvements:

  • 76%  Subjective Units of Distress Scale
  • 77%  State-Trait Anxiety Inventory

Price: $24.00 (plus shipping)

Quick REMAP Group Demonstration on CD

Full REMAP process Materials

REMAP Acupressure Charts (PDF format)

These high quality charts were created by a professional artist as material for the book Steve is writing on the REMAP process.

The point locations illustrated in the charts were based on the text that acupuncturists are required to know in order to pass their licensure exams in Texas.

The charts are in a full 8 1/2 X 11 format so that they are large enough that you can easily work with them. These popular charts are requested at every presentation Steve has given on the REMAP process.

So they have now been made available here for anyone who is working with the meridian system.

These charts can be helpful for anyone who wants to explore beyond the Quick REMAP acupoints into all of the 361 traditional Chinese points.

Nearly everyone who attends a Quick REMAP Seminar purchases these charts.

Price: $22.00

REMAP Acupressure Charts
Pericardium Meridian Chart

Sample of the Pericardium Meridian Chart.

full REMAP Demonstration DVD Set (5 DVDs)

These DVDs document and demonstrate the power of working with the full meridian system using the full REMAP process.  Each DVD shows a complete treatment in one session (ranging from 30 to 55 minutes in length).  These DVDs are a valuable resource for anyone wanting to study in detail the subtleties of how the REMAP process works.  They include:

Video 1 – Overcoming Feeling Insignificant and a Fear of Being Hit

This demonstration video shows the healing of a woman’s trauma from being frequently slapped as a child by her mother.  It also illustrates the use of the REMAP process to shift negative thoughts of being insignificant and worthless to a much-strengthened belief of being significant and worthwhile.

Video 2 – Healing an Abandonment Trauma

In this REMAP demonstration video, a nurse is treated for a childhood trauma due to being ill for three months and for her mother’s anger about her illness that contributed to her being yelled at, left alone, and neglected.  This video was shot with two cameras which allows for a wide shot (of both therapist and subject) as well as a close-up shot of the subject.

Video 3 – Healing 50 Years of Grief

This woman’s father was tragically killed in an airplane crash when she was two years old.  The trauma of the event blocked the normal grief process and her ability to heal until she was treated with the REMAP process.  This video was also filmed with two cameras.

Video 4 – Resolving a Mothers Trauma & Guilt Over Her Seriously ill Infant

This woman’s infant child was misdiagnosed and nearly died.  She is helped to heal three different aspects of her trauma including Part 1—Resolving the trauma and guilt over her seriously ill infant, Part 2—Resolving anger toward a nurse’s negative comments about her as a mother, Part 3—Resolving anger toward her mother & sister who seemed to doubt her ability to be a good mother.  This video was also filmed with two cameras.

Video 5 – Overcoming Sadness and Guilt

In this REMAP process demonstration video, Steve works with a woman whose discomfort at speaking on the phone with her granddaughter and daughter is rooted in an earlier tragedy.  The trauma left her with unprocessed sadness and a feeling that she was not able to do enough to compensate for the effects of the tragedy on her children.  During the brief treatment of this issue, the sadness and guilt resolve and she is able to test the work by calling her granddaughter and speaking on the phone with comfort for the first time.  This video was also filmed with two cameras.

Price: $135.00 (plus shipping)

full REMAP Demonstration DVD set
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