EMDR:  What is EMDR Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR therapy Unlocks the Power of the Mind to resolve Problems and Pain 

EMDR Therapy: Taming Traumas

EMDR Treatment: What People are Saying



Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

CBT Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy article

Cognitive Therapy

Quick REMAP 

Introducing Quick REMAP

A Tale of Two Brains: How REMAP Can Help

quick-remapIntroduction to the 4-Point Rapid Relief Protocol

Introduction to the Firefighter Case Study article

Overcoming a Firefighter’s Trauma

Steps in the Quick REMAP 4-Point Relief Protocol

Quick REMAP: Better than Chocolate for Stress Relief

Detail Results: Quick REMAP Research Experiment

Quick REMAP: Emotional Intensity Amnesia

Relieving the Roots of Agoraphobia with Quick REMAP

Treating Trauma with Quick REMAP

Needle Phobia: Successful Treatment with Quick REMAP

Quick REMAP Rave Reviews

Quick REMAP Audio Discussion

Seminar Participants Discuss their Results

full REMAP process

REMAP - A New Form of Psychotherapy

full-remapSoothing the Sympathetic Nervous System with REMAP--Pilot Study
Pilot Research Study Results from Treating 8 Trauma Survivors and Measuring Treatment Effect with Heart Rate Variability Analysis

Comparing the REMAP process to Other Studies/Methods

Advantages to the REMAP process

What is the REMAP process

Discover the REMAP process

full REMAP Rave Reviews

The REMAP process: Letting Meridians Identify Emotions

Dinner and the Amygdala: An Introduction to a Fascinating Article

REMAP Potent Acupressure Points

Easing a Faulty Childhood Belief

Acupressure and the Brain

Stay Awake or Go to Sleep Using Acupressure

Using the REMAP process to Soothe the Sympathetic Nervous System

Part 1

Part 2



Emotional Freedom Techniques  

An Introduction to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT Training in Dallas

EFT A study on phobias


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP Phobia Treatment




Thought Field Therapy

Discovering TFT | Tapping Your Mind's Hidden Healing Energy

Thought Field Therapy: What experts are saying

TFT & EMDR Curing Stress Related Physical Pain


Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis and the Mind-Body Connection

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