EFT Training

in Dallas, DFW, Plano and Richardson, Texas


How to Work with Emotional Freedom Techniques

By Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT

EFT Training event in 2003 with Steve B. Reed, LPC


For many years I lead an Emotional Freedom Techniques Seminar at my office on several different Saturdays throughout the year.  However, since 2010, I have discontinued scheduling these formal training events. 

Instead, I now offer individual training in EFT and EFT training for small groups organized by individuals.  If you are interested in individual training in Emotional Freedom Techniques or if you are interested in organizing a few people for a group training please contact me at my office at 972-997-9955. 


The training will teach you how to work with this brilliant yet simple method to dissolve emotional pain, trauma, anxiety, grief, frustration, stress and many other unpleasant emotions and painful memories.  Attending this training will give you a great foundation in this exciting work.

You will learn how to use EFT Level 1 tools that will allow you to increase your effectiveness with this technique.


Training is open to the public and will focus on how to use this therapeutic tool for your own well-being.  The training can help you to get more out of your own therapy and your own self-help work.


$150.00 per hour for individual training.  Two-hour minimum recommended.

If you would like to get a few other people to share a small group experience, the cost per hour is the same.  So please contact me at:

Let me know what your needs are.

If you want to learn a lot more about how to implement this highly effective method of utilizing the power of acupressure for the mind and emotions, then the opportunity is available.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Steve Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT is an Emotional Freedom Technique therapist / practitioner and trainer, who has offered individual training and workshops in the Dallas area and around the U.S.  EFT is a clinically proven effective treatment for trauma, abuse, panic, anxiety, fears, phobias, and symptoms like physical pain, and more.  Learn this wonderful method for healing and emotional relief.

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