Emotional Freedom Techniques

By Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

What is EFT and What Issues Does it Help? 

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a brilliant yet simple method for easing emotional pain.  It is both eloquent and effective for a wide range of emotional distress.  Therapists are finding it to be clinically effective in treating trauma, abuse, panic, anxiety, fears, phobias, mild depression, some addictions, child related issues, and physical symptoms coming from emotional sources like some physical pain, allergies, headaches, breathing difficulties, and more.

EFT acupoints on the head

Emotional Freedom Techniques works with fourteen of the acupressure points from traditional Chinese medicine.  For years, people have been recognizing acupuncture and acupressure as a viable means for reducing physical pain.  Now it also provides a potent and convenient way for self-administered acupressure to ease emotional pain.  The results are frequently astonishing in that the distress can melt away so quickly.

How Is EFT Different?

With traditional forms of psychotherapy, people can spend years talking about what bothers them yet continue to feel their old emotional pain intensely.  However, with this approach and related therapies (such as the REMAP process), people can often completely eliminate intense negative emotion and stress both comfortably and in far less time than you might imagine.  Those who work diligently with these new methods can compress a year's worth of therapy into just a few months.  Those who have large backlogs of emotional wounding and who are willing to participate in longer-term treatment are finding it is possible to reprocess and resolve a lifetime of hurt and trauma.

Rapidly reducing emotional pain is one of the key benefits that the psychological acupressure methods can provide.  No one likes to linger in an unpleasant emotional state.  Our natural mechanism for coping with painful feelings is avoidance.  Some people will even avoid getting treatment because they have difficulty tolerating upsetting emotions.  Older forms of therapy move at such a slow pace that one is frequently deep in distress at the end of a therapy session.  This is rarely the case with EFT.  Because it helps to ease the pain so fast, you can see the results and know that your distress will soon ease.  This can help you face even traumatic events with the confidence that you will not be left in a state of overwhelm and that you will find emotional freedom from the issues that bother you.

Why Was EFT Developed?

Gary Craig, its developer, was an early student of Dr. Roger Callahan, who was the developer of Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  TFT was the first psychological acupressure therapy.  Gary took many of Dr. Callahan's concepts and saw a way to improve and simplify them.  Through his efforts, this type of treatment is now available to many more people. 

This method is so simple that I like to teach it to the people that I work with in therapy.  It is so easy that even children can learn it for healing and relief of stress.  By learning the basics of the technique, you can have a way to help yourselves between therapy sessions.  I believe it to be one of the very best self-help tool available.  It is so empowering to know that at your very fingertips you have the means to ease much of the painful emotion that you experience.  In therapy, when it is combined with and enhanced by utilizing the REMAP process, awesome levels of emotional healing become possible.  REMAP is a comprehensive treatment method that supercharges Emotional Freedom Techniques and extends its effectiveness into the entire acupressure system.

Why is It Important to Heal Old Emotional Pain?

Some people have asked, "Why is it so important to heal these old hurts?"  I think there are several important answers.  The simple reality is that when it comes to intense emotional pain, out of sight is not out of mind, out of mind is not out of body and out of conscious mind is not out of subconscious mind.  That which is unhealed and harbored hurts us, limits us, dis-empowers us, lowers self-esteem, fuels over reactions, weakens our resistance to physical illness, diminishes the quality of life, contaminates peace of mind, inhibits our capacity to love and blocks our ability to succeed in many endeavors.  Authors write many volumes enumerating the adverse effects of unprocessed and unresolved emotional pain on one's life. 

This technique and related acupressure therapy work is so important because it is so effective in easing human suffering.  It is capable of extracting the negative emotional residue of painful experiences out of the mind-body system.  When the emotional charge is gone, the old experiences will cease to hurt you or to have power over you.  Recent research shows this approach highly effective as a treatment in curing phobias, easing anxiety symptoms, panic attack symptoms, stress symptoms and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.  I also use this approach as a treatment for emotional abuse, overcoming fear, overcoming fear of flying, overcoming depression, relationship help, reducing a wide range of anxiety symptoms, and many other issues. 

Can EFT Be Even More Effective in Therapy?

Yes, it can be effectively employed in therapy sessions.  In treatment, I can guide people through the many nuances of applying the technique most effectively.  It also blends beautifully with many other treatment approaches and it serves as a springboard to working with the full REMAP process, which works more comprehensively with the entire acupressure system.  However, even if it is being utilized in its most simple and basic form, it provides a powerful means to intervene upon painful experiences, traumatic events and everyday stress.  It can truly enable you to find a level of emotional freedom that you never dreamed possible.

I always recommend that people read articles, books and view videos about it, but there is no substitute for live instruction.  It is well worth the time and money to have some hands-on personal training.  There is no replacement for the interaction and ability to have your questions answered.  The opportunity to experience this healing method in action is the quickest way to learn.  After some individual instruction, any reading or videos that you may study will make a lot more sense.

For details about individual training or treatment sessions, you can always call me at my office at (972) 997-9955.  I will be happy to help you to schedule an individual appointment.

Gary Craig and Steve B. Reed

Gary Craig, EFT Developer and

Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT, the REMAP process Developer

Photo from a training event in Dallas, where Steve assisted Gary.

Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT is an internationally known expert in the use of acupressure to ease emotional distress.  He was one of the first therapist in the world to begin using EFT and brought it to Dallas in the mid 1990's.  Steve has trained with Gary Craig, the developer of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Dr. Roger Callahan, the developer of TFT, and other psychotherapy pioneers. 

Steve is the developer of the REMAP process, a comprehensive treatment method that extends the effectiveness acupressure interventions into the entire acupressure system.  He provides professional training in his methods to other licensed mental health practitioners.  In 2006, Steve developed Quick REMAP, a next generation treatment method that proved to be a significant innovation, often providing superior results and even greater effectiveness than Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Steve's private practice is in the Dallas area.  He also provides phone counseling.  You can reach Steve at 972-997-9955 or through his website's contact page to schedule an EFT or Quick REMAP treatment session or instruction.

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