EFT to REMAP Comparison

EFT is like an 8 crayon box REMAP is like a 361 crayon box

Discover the REMAP process

by Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT

Many of you like myself have trained with psychotherapy pioneers such as the late Roger Callahan, Gary Craig and others.  If so, you are familiar with methods such as TFT (Thought Field Therapy), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and similar approaches, which have evolved along a closely related path.  Most of these methods work primarily with 14 acupressure points (one for each acupuncture meridian).  However, a lot of EFT practitioners now just work with eight acupoints.  Many of you may have become experts in working with these 8 to 14 points and are accomplishing wonderful results with your clients.  Your work with people may even have become quite artistic.  Along those lines, I would like to share with you a process that will extend the work you are already doing, enhance your current methods and provide you with new tools to expand your effectiveness.  I would like to invite you to discover the REMAP process, a new and powerful treatment method.


The REMAP process is like EFT on steroids.  The REMAP process actually starts with the primary acupoints from traditional Chinese medicine. But, it could also begin with the EFT acupoints.  Either way, it then moves far beyond the confines of the basic 14 acupressure starting points by opening-up the entire universe of 361 traditional Chinese acupressure points.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of possibility in that universe of 361 points and it's there waiting for you to access.  That's where the REMAP process comes in.  I have developed a method that makes it simple and easy for you to make the quantum leap from just a few acupressure points to all of the acupressure points and all of the new potential that goes along with them.

Advantages of REMAP


You can quickly and easily:

Determine the exact treatment point (among 361 points) that is distressed or disrupted and help your client correct it.  This can be done without muscle testing techniques or intuition.
Learn when to use EFT alone, Quick REMAP and/or when to work multiple treatment points along the disrupted meridian in order to more rapidly and effectively resolve intense emotional pain.
Discover how to match the perfect acupressure point with a psychological block affirmation to increase the power and effectiveness of the psychological block and cognitive treatment.
Learn to access and resolve hidden psychological blocks and blocking beliefs that can get in the way of good work and client progress.
Develop skills in using eye movement patterns (completely different from EMDR) that will help your client access various aspects of a problem, attune their mind to that exact aspect needing treatment and focus the acupressure treatments to that part of the issue.

I often use the following metaphor to describe the relationship between EFT and the REMAP process:

When you first started coloring you were given a small box of crayons.  You worked with those few crayons and learned how to accomplish many beautiful results.  In the hands of a great artist, much can be done with as few as 8 crayons. But eventually you wanted more.  Then you discovered the large box of crayons.  Contained in that large box of crayons were all of the colors from the smaller box but also many more shades of each color.  Those additions opened new possibilities for your creativity.  They provided you with enhanced and more refined options to accomplish your artistic work.

EFT and TFT with their 8 to 14 acupressure points are like the small box of crayons.  The REMAP process, which works with all 361 acupressure points, is like the largest box of crayons.  All of those other acupressure points are there for a reason.  And my curious friend, they are calling your name.

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