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Below is a list of articles organized by different counseling issues.  Each counseling issue that is listed will have one or more articles related to it.  Some of the categories can overlap. For example under the phobia issue is an article on driving phobias.  Under the Panic Attacks issue, there is an article on panic attacks while driving.  These articles are related even though they appear under two seemingly different counseling issues.

Feel free to explore the articles regarding the different issues that are of interest to you.  There you will also find information about treatments that are categorized on the treatment methods page.  The Counseling Issues page and the Treatment Methods page will provide you plenty of information about specific issues that may concern you and how best to treat them.


Fear of Elevators

      Elevator Phobia

      Animal phobias

Fear of Public Speaking

Needle Phobia
(blood draw)

      Insect Phobias
(spiders, roaches)


generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)


      Overcoming Anxiety

      Generalized Anxiety

       IBS Treatment -
Psychotherapy Helps

       Social Anxiety | Social Phobia




Obsessive Compulsive Disorder





Relationship Pain

Healing Past Hurts with EMDR and TFT

Recovering from Men Who Have Affairs

Divorce Recovery

Loss of a Significant Relationship

Fear of Intimacy

Fear of Abandonment

Fear of Being Hurt Again

Commitment Fear

Relationship Compatibility

Dates Need Adequate Product Safety Labeling

Love Relationships : The Unconscious Agenda

How to Have a Low Stress Relationship

Overcoming Past Relationship Stress


counseling for coming apart with stress

Counseling for Stress:

Relationship Stress

Life Stress



Improving Performance:


Work | School

Creativity Enchancement

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