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"You provide a terrific model for your practitioners to follow, and you do it so eloquently. I'm not a novice at therapy. Your methods seem to be head-over-heels above everything that I have been exposed to. You have an intellectual approach, and a pioneering spirit in your work, which truly raises the bar to new heights." 
Ken Breen, Therapist New Jersey

[Regarding the REMAP materials--demo DVDs, Quick REMAP Handbook, REMAP CDs, Charts]

"The more I see, the more I am amazed, really amazed! It is such a wonderful tool. There is no exaggeration in saying that it’s the next level up in psychological interventions. I really think it is. Well done!"  Simon Lov, Therapist from the UK

"Steve, thank you! I have done a total of 3 REMAP sessions so far this week. One client went from flooded to calm, by using the first half of the protocol only. The other went from a 7-8 to a 0 using the full Quick REMAP treatment. The other client is the one I already told you about (another success).
I'm actually a bit amazed at how well this system works! I have had lots of great results. Wow!"
Tracy Roe, LPC Texas

"I used the 4-point protocol with a 9-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a 12-year-old. It worked with all three!!!"  Deborah Stovall, LPC Texas

"Your manual is GREAT! I really appreciate understanding what is going on" (how REMAP works).  Anne Coleman, MD Texas

"I have been using the 4-point protocol since the conference and want to tell you how wonderful it is! I have one client who is a pretty difficult guy to work with. I usually manage to do some significant work one out of every 3 sessions, however, he is a very bright man and quite curious so I was able to pick up on a traumatic memory he shared and got him to go along. He felt an immediate change and was really wowed when the negative emotion and negative cognition
simply vanished.

"I have another client who wanted to heal the residual trauma of 2 abortions. Yesterday she told me that her whole life has felt different since her Quick REMAP session. Thank you for your excellent work."
Gloria Arenson, Psychotherapist California

"I have to tell you with great excitement, that I used the Quick REMAP (4-point) protocol with my most skeptical, "recalcitrant", cynical, and perhaps deeply suffering client in the week following the training weekend.  She is also perhaps one of the most difficult dissociated clients I have ever worked with, in that she is so concretely defended in her intellect, yet her body has sensory "language" that tries to tell a story of a horrific childhood and teenage abuse that her mind will not accept.
None of the techniques I have learned in a sensory-motor seminar in affect regulation have been effective with her.
We come to a repetitive impasse with EMDR; her symptoms do not abate, and in fact, she often has trouble driving to my office, losing her way, not remembering where my building is, unable to memorize or recognize landmarks, etc., wandering streets in her car until she happens upon the correct street.
This is just a mild example of how dysfunctional her life has become.  She is a successful artist whose career has come to a dead halt, who suffers daily nausea, and night terrors with clenched jaws.
I asked her if she were game to try a new sensory process and see where it takes us, and she said 'Sure!'  She collaborated willingly until we came to the positive self-affirmation at which point her cynical "part" chimed in with a harsh and bitter laugh, and a mechanical voice forcing--almost
biting out the words 'I completely and profoundly accept myself and love myself.'  Then she added 'Yah, sure! That's for sure.'
I ignored the cynicism, continued modeling soft self-acceptance, and moved on to other points,
and gradually her voice modulated.  I wondered throughout the process, "is this a bad choice?"  "WHY did I pick the toughest nut to crack, thus chancing failure?"
On we went.  Despite MY doubts.  Then onto a second round.
And what did she report on the SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress Scale) right away, to my first question?  '4 or maybe a 5...'
Steve, I could not believe my ears.  I remembered your words, about 'if I don't get a 4 or 5 (point reduction on the Subjective Units of Distress Scale) right away, I should go to the Quick REMAP 8-point protocol...', and I remember thinking no way would I ever get such results so quickly with a client.  Then she said, 'I can't explain it, but I didn't know I've been carrying this weight almost all my life, and now it has lifted.  I feel so much better.'  We went around the (eye) circle, and the weighty points were clear.  Her body sensations were cleared out.  She was in a state of incredulity as was I, which I tried to subdue, and we both shared ecstasy, I can tell you that.
I have no words to thank you and to tell you how important it is to spread and share this work.

With gratitude for all your hard work and ingenuity,"
Alexa Bresnan, LICSW, Psychotherapist    Massachusetts

"In all the years I've attended workshops, apart from handing in a complimentary evaluation form, I have never written a follow-up thank-you note for the experience.  But your seminar deserves one.

"Thank you.  I've been attending energy psychology workshops for 5 years, and I am not exaggerating when I say that yours was The Most Valuable of all.  The solid research base made it believable.  I will have no reluctance in passing on this treasure to even my most skeptical clients.  Your discussion of the limbic system 'hijacking' the thinking brain finally made sense to me (I've heard that explanation before, but you made it understandable.)  I wish I had come to your training first when I was just starting out learning therapy.

"I had thought I was simply coming to a workshop in yet one more alphabet-soup treatment modality, but, boy, was I in for a surprise!  I spent a good deal of time on your website before the seminar and followed your advice to clients about making a list of still-painful traumatic events to work on.  I was surprised that I had so many, after all these decades of inner work.  I'm glad I had done that exercise prior to the workshop.  That list prompted me on what to focus on throughout the weekend seminar.

"During the first day, our group work on one item on my list (one I had thought was pretty mild) opened my eyes to the huge existential nature of my pain.  I had not been aware of this before, and believe me, I've done a LOT of inner work on it.  And I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that the last partner exercise was life-changing.   I now see my time with you at the Quick REMAP Professional Training as a pivotal point in the living of my life.  I'm awed at the process!

"Merely saying thank-you seems inadequate for this gift you've facilitated.  But--Thank You.  And bless you."
Sue Campbell, MA, LCSW    Arkansas

"Since I learned REMAP I have already worked with 26 clients.  I am getting interesting and amazing results.  So, I have a new favorite tool."
Annette Harmuth-Vollbehr, Psychologist--Germany

"I want to thank you again for all that you have taught me.  Using REMAP works wonderfully.  I have discovered that I am no longer using EFT and NAEM, as I think Quick REMAP is much more powerful.  With certain clients, I only use Quick REMAP or the full REMAP process techniques; with others, I am combining REMAP with other interventions.  With your help, my successful therapeutic work has been further enhanced, and I want to thank you again for that."
Ralf Steinkopff, Psychologist--Germany

"I have had the opportunity to work with some clients using REMAP and I am quite impressed with how easy it is and with the nice results I got."
Hanna Wolter, Psychologist--Germany

"I have used Quick REMAP and the Full REMAP process several times recently and I'm really amazed about the results."
Jutta Bockhold, Psychologist--Germany

Comments from Quick REMAP Lecture Attendees:

"This was a great workshop - very quick, easy, and useful tools in dealing with trauma."

"Excellent presenter.  Very organized and professional."

"Steve presented the research very clearly and did a good job showing us how to use the methodology."

"I really like this workshop!  Steve was super easy to understand.  It will be easy to use his methods with clients.  I would definitely go to one of his workshops in Dallas."

"Excellent!  Steve is a very good presenter.  Good teacher.  Very practical."

"Amazing!  Steve's presentation demonstrated the magic that happens when one who knows his subject intimately offers that knowledge to new learners.  His unconscious competence allowed the information to flow from teacher to student without any air of superiority.  His belief in his process and his supportive data provide the kind of credibility that will give the field of Energy Psychology wings!  I am honored to have been a participant in this workshop."

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