Rapid Emotional Relief
Self-Help Seminar

Date: July 18 & 19 (Saturday & Sunday)      in Richardson, TX (Dallas area)

Time: 10 AM to 5 PM (both days)

Learn How to:

  • Overcome the Effects of Stressful Life Events
  • Eliminate the Pain of Traumatic Incidents (including the causes of PTSD)
  • Stop Panic Attacks
  • Recover from Devastating Losses
  • Free Yourself from Phobias
  • Heal One Important Cause of Depression
  • Release Repressed Anger
  • Calm Your Mind and Nervous System
  • Learn to Turn-off Your “Fight or Flight” Reflex and
  • Activate Your Relaxation Response

Whether you are dealing with the effects of a very bad day or one of life’s nightmares, no stress is too small or too great.

In this seminar you will learn the latest advances in the evolving science of rapid emotional relief.

These breakthroughs are based on research from prestigious institutions including Harvard Medical School and the Yale School of Medicine.  Yet, they are so simple that you could show a child how to work with them.

The secret is in the powerful effect that key acupressure points have on the alarm center of the brain.  The interventions that you will learn actually calm the part of the brain that remembers distress.  By combining these highly researched acupressure relief points with proven cognitive and behavioral interventions, you will be able to reach and calm the very mechanism responsible for acute stress responses.  This enables your mind to learn a relaxation reaction when exposed to thoughts or reminders of stressful events instead of setting-off the “fight or flight” reflex.

Can you imagine thinking about a distressing event in you life and instead of being upset, your mind and body are as calm as if you were remembering a pleasant walk in a park?  That is the exact experience that people who I work with in my office are having.  I have been able to study and document this positive effect on the activity of the heart and nervous system.  Now you can experience this too and you can learn to do this for yourself in many cases.

Since 2000, I have been developing new innovations in this emerging field.  This is my very latest work.  It is the easiest and most user-friendly of all the tools that I have developed.  That means that you will be able to learn this approach and put it to work for yourself after taking this one seminar.

Even if you have worked with other acupressure methods to ease the emotions (like EFT and TFT), you will learn completely new material, completely new acupressure points and new ways of working that will produce amazing and rapid results.

Reduce Emotional Distress by 75% or More!

A test with a group of thirteen volunteers produced a 75% reduction in distress and a 75% improvement in scores on their psychological inventories in one brief treatment!


The results of a recent experiment look even more promising.

Learn the Quick REMAP Rapid Emotional Relief Protocols:

You will learn seven powerful tools for relieving distress, including the Quick REMAP:

  • 4-point Rapid Relief Protocol
  • 8-point Rapid Relief Protocol
  • 12-point Rapid Relief Protocol
  • 16-point Rapid Relief Protocol

These treatments are based upon acupressure points that have been studied at prestigious universities and hospitals.

  • Primary Point Protocol
  • Tonification Point Protocol
  • Sedation Point Protocol

These treatments are based on highly potent acupoints from traditional Chinese medicine.

Course Content:

  • The most comprehensive introduction to working with acupressure to ease emotional distress that is available
  • Plenty of hands-on experience
  • The Quick REMAP Self-Help Book: a 73 page book packed with all of the details and easy to follow instructions that will help you get the most from your training in Quick REMAP Self-Help (Note: there is a materials fee for the book).
  • Six powerful Quick REMAP protocols

What others are saying about Quick REMAP:

“You provide a terrific model for your practitioners to follow, and you do it so eloquently.  I’m not a novice to the energy therapies, and your methods seem to be head over heels above everything that I have been exposed to. You have an intellectual approach, and a pioneering spirit in your work, which truly raises the bar to new heights.
Please Steve, whatever information that you are willing to put out, let me know.”

Thank you,

Ken Breen

      [Regarding the REMAP process materials–demo DVDs, Quick REMAP Handbook, REMAP CDs, Charts]
“The more I see, the more I am amazed, really amazed!  It is such a wonderful tool.  There is no exaggeration in saying that it’s the next level up in energy psychology interventions.  I really think it is.  Well done!”

Simon Lov, Therapist from the UK


“Steve, thank you!  I have done a total of 3 REMAP sessions so far this week.  One client went from flooded to calm, by using the tapping with affirmations only.  The other went from a 7-8 to a 0 using the full Quick REMAP treatment.  The other client is the one I already told you about (another success).
I’m actually a bit freaked out at how well this system works!  I have had lots of great results.  Wow!”

Tracy Roe, LPC

“I used the 4-point protocol with a 9 year old, an 11 year old, and a 12 year old.  It worked with all three!!!”

Deborah Stovall, LPC

“Your manual is GREAT!  I really appreciate understanding what is going on” (how REMAP works).

Anne Coleman, MD

Comments from a Professional Conference Presentation:

“Amazing!  Steve’s presentation demonstrated the magic that happens when one who knows his subject intimately offers that knowledge to new learners.  His unconscious competence allowed the information to flow from teacher to student without any air of superiority.  His belief in his process, and his supportive data provide the kind of credibility that will give the field of Energy Psychology wings!  I am honored to have been a participant in this workshop.”

“This was a great workshop – very quick, easy and useful tools in dealing with trauma.”

“I really like this workshop!  Steve was super easy to understand.  It will be easy to use his methods with clients.  I would definitely go to one of his workshops in Dallas.”

Location, Fee and Registration Information:

Location:My office-375 Municipal Drive, Suite 230, Richardson, Texas 75080
Seminar Fee:$295.early registration (by  June 30 )
$315.regular registration (by  July 8 )
$325.late registration (after July 8  until the seminar date)
Materials Fee:$36.00for the Quick REMAP Handbook

This seminar is open to the public.  No prior experience is necessary.

A minimum of 5 people must register at least 10 days prior to the training in order to hold the seminar.  Seating is limited to 10 people at my office location so please register early. This will provide the opportunity for an exciting small group learning experience.

To Register:You will be considered registered upon receipt of your payment.  You can register with your credit card by calling me at 972-997-9955.  You may also send a check for the seminar fee, payable to Steve B. Reed, to 375 Municipal Drive, Suite 230, Richardson, Texas 75080.

Change the Landscape of Emotional Stress.  Quick REMAP the Emotional Brain.

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