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What People are Saying About the full REMAP process and Training

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A testimonial from New York psychiatrist, Dr. Myron Koch

Dear Steve,

Thank you for that incredible experience. I'd been looking forward to it since the Arizona conference when you told me something about what you were working on.

I personally experienced the profound and far reaching effects of the REMAP process at the training session in Richardson, Texas as Steven Reed demonstrated the technique on me. In a short period of time he brought me through an old childhood trauma. In that short period of time he was able to help me locate it, experience it and heal it very quickly. The effects have held and the emotions connected to it have been cleared. I have never experienced anything working this deeply and this fast.

Steven's workshop was well prepared and well done. By the end of the second day I was able to use the REMAP process on one of the other participants and found that it worked as well and as quickly on others as it did on me.
The day after I returned home I began to use this technique successfully in my work. I am still amazed by the results, as are my patients.

Before doing this workshop I was trained in EMDR, TFT and EFT, all of which I have been using in my private practice and consultative work. So far I have found that this works faster and smoother than the others. The reduction of intense affects and abreactions seems to go faster with the REMAP process. In the past using other methods I have not always been successful in bringing the SUD down all the way. EFT and EMDR are effective helpful tools but the REMAP process moves like a rocket. I have been using it only a short time but thus far it has not failed. I would recommend this training to any trained therapist to help intensify and speed the treatment process.

Myron H. Koch, M.D. - September 2002

A testimonial from Dr. Donald C. Mappes

Dear Steve:

When you were first telling me about TFT and EFT, it sounded too good to be true, but it is actually better than you described it as being. I continue to be amazed at the results that show up in my sessions with clients.

REMAP goes way past TFT and EFT it the ability to deal with tough issues quickly. REMAP leaves EMDR in its dust. It's like comparing a model T to a T-Bird.

REMAP is one of the most exciting and useful modalities available, definitely on the leading-edge of therapy and a pioneering endeavor.

Steve's work with REMAP in the training has accomplished in minutes more therapeutic growth than months of more traditional approaches. It should be required teaching in all schools of counseling, psychology and social work.

Steve's teaching approach is masterful and very respectful, and not to mention fun.

The REMAP process training has definitely expanded the limits of therapy in general and greatly empowered me to be a facilitator for healing that would have been considered impossible a decade ago by traditional schools.

Everyone in your classes has their own stories of miraculous healing for severe trauma. This technology is now more important than ever on this planet. Thank you for the contribution to psychotherapy and the privilege of being a part of it.


Donald C. Mappes, PhD - March 2003

More Words of Praise:

“Steve Reed’s REMAP process seems to be one of the ultimate energy therapies and by far the best workshop that I have taken in 35 years.  I have read many of the Energy Psychology books and taken training in TFT, EFT, EDxTM, BSFF, TIR, and NLP and also studied some of the ‘EMDR type’ methods.  Steve has put together the best of all methods making it comprehensive, integrative, powerful but also emotionally gentle and respectful to the client/participant.
Everyone in our workshop received a therapeutic benefit during our paired exercises that he monitored.  Some were profound.  Although there can be fear and vulnerability, the ‘revising process’ happens gently.  Steve’s kind and gentle manner makes the experience therapeutic.
The REMAP process is a truly life changing method. I heartily recommend this awesome and learnable therapy.”   

Tom Goddard, LCSW –April 2004

“Ever since the day after we all took the REMAP Course, I’ve been using it with my patients, with great results!!  Every single patient that has agreed to try REMAP has improved.  That’s quite an achievement.  I wanted to share this with you, and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.  I’m very excited about the possibility of your coming again to Guatemala to teach us module 3, sometime in the future.”   
Karina Schloesser, Psychotherapist

The REMAP process is “an elegant synthesis of potent tools that helps facilitate working with the subconscious at the depth necessary to do more than simply relieve symptoms of stress.

  • REMAP makes it easy to find and address the root of an issue.
  • Intention, eye movement, and access to the full acupressure system are used to help attune the client.
  • Identifying and systematically working each point along the meridian that holds the most intensity, helps to surface related issues.
  • Thus, as a result of the REMAP process, in addition to a reduction in stress levels and the clearing of a specific trauma, the client can come away with a new sense of the context in which life events have occurred that were perplexing prior to treatment.”         

“What makes Steve B. Reed an effective therapist and trainer is his determination, willingness, and ability to dive deep.  Not everyone has that desire or that capacity.  I think when one holds the intent to get to the root of the problem, to allow the healing to flow from the deepest place, that the intent will carry you there.  Perhaps it is that intent that preceded the inspiration Steve received to bring things together in the REMAP process.
The locus of his work is in a balanced place between his connection with the client and familiarity and competence in his methodology.  Many practitioners - no matter their philosophy - are connected most strongly with their conceptual platform - which allows them to avoid true connection with the client.  I think Steve is able to model a combination of connection and intact boundaries, something that in my experience is a rare combination.
When Steve teaches the REMAP process, he is modeling for trainees that it is safe to * let the client lead you *stay in intimate connection with your client and * move through intense moments with grace.  So even if practitioners do not use REMAP per se, they will undoubtedly be touched by his ability to hold a safe space in which this work can happen.”   

Judith Poole, Psychotherapist and Author

“I have been using the REMAP process and have found it to be an easy flow with powerful results--and as my patient who just left here said 'Awesome, just awesome’." 
Elizabeth Conrad, Psychotherapist

“Thank you for an incredible learning experience.  You are a gifted teacher and I really appreciate what you have contributed to the field in general and specifically, to my professional growth.  I have been using the REMAP process with many clients.  It seems to be an extraordinary process….some of the folks I see who are not otherwise very insightful have benefited tremendously and others who are also benefit!” 
Susan Hamadock, PhD

“I was in your breakout session at the last conference (May 2003), and found your work to be elegant.” 
Sharry Lachman, Psychotherapist

          "How immediately useful this approach is. You have real mastery of the most valuable and powerful approach available and mastery of empowering others to acquire these skills."
          “Great training Steve!  This is exciting.  Still learning to do the (new) REMAP process (basic protocol), but have already gotten farther with one client than I did with EFT.” 
Donald C. Mappes, Ph.D.
Licensed Professional Counselor

"Totally comprehensive and useful. Steve B. Reed's REMAP process breathes new life into therapy and brings true healing to the therapeutic process."
Lee Ann Rogers, MSW
Licensed Master Social Worker

(Regarding the REMAP process module 2 training)
"I have trained with Ellis, Glasser, Shapiro, and NLP trainers. Steve Reed is by far the best teacher and trainer for therapists."
Dana Lehman, Ph.D.

(Compared to other energy psychology methods) “I can say that I found REMAP to be more to my liking (less woo-woo factor).”  “Great demonstration of resolving multiple past traumas across one theme.  Amazingly effective.”
Bonnie Gramlich, Psychotherapist

"The REMAP process is amazing.  It is the most effective technique I have seen in dealing with the treatment of trauma.  Your live demonstration with the lady who had the ‘frozen shoulder’ was amazing!”
"Just did REMAP with a lady who is a Multiple and has fibromyalgia. We've done it before with great results; she has lots of energy released when doing this.  But this time we worked on her anger and rage for 2 hours.  When she came in the next time she said she didn't know what to do because she was without pain for the first time in 22 years.  WOW!"   
Meg R. Thompson, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

"This material is a breakthrough in healing and resolving traumatic material in an individual's life. The REMAP process is a must for the therapist who wants to truly make a difference."
Lisa Chilvers, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

"This presentation was very well prepared, profoundly effective and an absolute must for anyone who wants to be on the cutting-edge of the psychiatric, psychological, social work and human healing community."
Myron H. Koch, M.D.

"I loved learning a tool that is so simple yet so incredibly powerful. The work I did one on one was a profound experience. It has enriched my life greatly!"
Fran Assaf, D.C.

"The REMAP process adds therapeutic skills that are clearly articulated in the training and that are useable in the therapist's office on Monday."
Ken Bateman, Ed.D.
Licensed Professional Counselor

“I just finished viewing all four of your videos.  This is genius.  I am so impressed with how you've combined modalities to come up with this process!  Again, your tapes are awesome.”
June Milligan, Psychotherapist  

“What a great Workshop!  It is a rare and welcomed change to attend a weekend workshop and be able to use the newly learned material first thing Monday morning.  Your REMAP--Module 2 provided just that.  Your combination of Power Point, worksheets and video clips of the actual REMAP model in progress were excellent and along with the live demonstration provided a clear and concise step-by-step framework for learning.  Your clinical expertise and willingness to share and coach participants was also an invaluable part of our time together.  Lastly, I admire your energy and passion for this work—it was contagious.  I look forward to Module 3.”
Jane Lehr Eckert, Ph.D., Psychologist

     "After just two days of training I was able to incorporate REMAP into my practice with clients who have a history of trauma.  Results have been very promising, with several clients experiencing marked improvements during the first session. Your well-organized materials and interesting method of teaching made the technique come alive in a way that was easy to understand and apply during the workshop and in my office the very next day. 
     "After not seeing a client for several weeks following a REMAP therapy session, the client returned and presented some interesting feedback.  Her comments included the following statement:  'Not only do I feel that my childhood abuse issues with my mother are healed, I am beginning to recall some positive childhood experiences which I have never done before'.  She is eager to continue applying REMAP to some residual issues affecting her current functioning.
"I don't normally hang certificates on my office wall, but I plan to do so (regarding the REMAP process module 2 training certificate)  because REMAP skills have enabled me to help clients more effectively in fewer sessions. 
I am very grateful to have REMAP in my therapeutic 'toolbox'!!  Enthusiastically,"

Karen Arbogast, MSSA, LISW

“As a psychologist and professor at a university and an expert in a number of meridian methods, I can say unequivocally that Steve Reed is an outstanding teacher and his visual aids are the best in the business.  The REMAP process is not only a comprehensive meridian-based methodology, but the most ‘user friendly approach’ I have used to date.”
David Santoro, Ph.D., Psychologist
Professor Emeritus, Cleveland State University

"I appreciated taking your workshop.  I used REMAP with three clients last week and was quite satisfied with the results.  My best session involved a client with an emotionally-based migraine headache that went form a SUD (Subjective Units of Distress level) of 'Oh God 10+++' to a 3!
Jim Lane, Ph.D., Psychologist

"When I saw your presentation (on the REMAP process), I saw the future of psychotherapy.  Keep up the good work and the important research."
Douglas Moorhead, M.D., Psychiatrist
Medical Director, Berkeley Mental Health Services

"Steve, you've really worked hard on your REMAP procedures.  I think you're
breaking new ground, and I love your work.
  I really appreciate getting the newsletter, and reading the articles.   I think you're making a real difference.
June Milligan, M.Ed., Psychotherapist

Comments about Steve as a Presenter (from the 5th International Energy Psychology Conference where he presented an Introduction to the REMAP process)

“The best presentation so far of the conference—five stars.  Would like more presentations of this high caliber.”

He’s truly five across the board.”  “Great new method” (referring to the REMAP process)

 “I was the demo subject—had an intense absolutely wonderful catharsis around the issue presented.  Powerful method (the REMAP process)…Steve is very therapeutic.”

 “Very thorough—organized.”  “I appreciate your sensitivity and skill as a therapist.”

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