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About Steve B. Reed, LPC, LMSW, LMFT – Anxiety, Panic Attack, and Phobia Therapy Specialist

Anxiety Therapist Steve B. Reed, LPC

My connection with Plano, Texas goes back long before I offered phobia, panic attack and anxiety therapy and counseling for Plano residents.  It goes back before I offered continuing education in psychological topics to the people of Plano and professional continuing education for area therapists at Collin College.  Long before I offered therapeutic services as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I had a personal connection with the city.

I remember being 4 years old and living in Plano.  It was the mid 1950’s and one of my favorite TV shows was Superman.  It made quite an impression on me.  So much so, that I would tie a towel around my neck like a cape and play Superman for hours.

One day, I went to the lady who lived in the house next to us.  I knocked on her door and introduce myself as Clark Kent. I then ask her if she had seen Superman.  She said no and off I went. 

Then, I returned with my cape, made of that towel, tied around my neck.  I proudly proclaimed, “Hello, I am Superman.  Have you seen Clark Kent?”  My neighbor kindly played along saying, “Why yes, he was just here a few minutes ago.  He can’t be far way.”  Then off I went again. 

I repeated this pattern, over and over with her.  It seemed endlessly amusing to me.  Thank goodness, she was very patient with me.  Eventually, my mother did save her from my game by calling me to lunch.

What I liked most about Superman was that he was always helping people.  Interestingly, even though I never learned how to leap a tall building in a single bound, I have spent more than 35 years helping people from the Plano area as a counselor and therapist.

I still remember the very first client I treated when I went into private practice.  She was a resident of Plano.  Over the decades, I have been honored to provide anxiety therapy and counseling for Plano area folks countless times.  I am happy that I can continue to do so.

Plano, Texas

city of Plano map

Plano is a great city. It is also much larger than many people realize.  Did you know that the population of Plano, Texas is about the same size as Pittsburg, Pennsylvania?  Of course, the larger the city and the more people living in a smaller area tends to raise the level of stress that people experience.

Another interesting note about Plano is that it’s famous for its annual hot air balloon festival.  However, many people would be afraid to go up in one. About 3 to 5 percent of the population has an extreme fear of heights (acrophobia). Yet, a survey done by Chapman University indicated that 33.6 percent of respondents reported being afraid or very afraid of heights. This is a milder form of the fear of heights known as visual height intolerance (VHI).

When I was 35, I decided to take a hot air balloon ride as a part of treating my own fear of heights.  Although this type of exposure therapy would not be for everyone, it helped me wonderfully.  I am now comfortable being 1000 feet in the air in a small basket.

Plano Balloon Festival  Fear of Heights | Anxiety Therapy and Counseling for Plano

Therapy and Counseling Services for Plano

Today, I specialize in treating people who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and phobias.  Yes, including a fear of heights (acrophobia). 


Other phobias that I help people with include a:

Prevalence of Anxiety Issues

As an anxiety therapy specialist, I am always treating generalized anxiety, worry and stress.  Residents of Plano and the whole DFW area frequently experience anxiety related issues.  This seems to be a part of the stress of modern life. 

According to Harvard Medical School and the National Comorbidity Survey, 19.1% of adults will experience an anxiety disorder each year (1). 

This includes:

  • Panic Disorder – 2.7%
  • Specific Phobia – 9.1%
  • Social Phobia – 7.1%
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder – 2.7%

Furthermore, during your adult lifetime, your odds of experiencing an anxiety disorder are 31.2% (2).

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks and anxiety attacks can also be associated with phobias and traumatic stress.  People in counseling with me often report panic attacks when flying, driving on freeways or when something triggers a past traumatic event.  It is common for people to have:

  • Panic attacks at night
  • Panic attacks in the morning
  • Panic attacks for no reason that they can immediately identify
  • Panic attacks at work

Anxiety treatment, Panic Attack therapy and Phobia treatment are a significant part of the services that I offer to the Plano community. 

Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Phobias

By Steve Reed at the Psychotherapy Center

Other counseling services include treatment for:

If you live in the Plano or DFW area and need help dealing with any of the issues listed above, please know that I am available to help.

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Telecounseling Appointments are available by phone or online via video platforms (e.g. Zoom,

Hours:  Monday through Friday – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

To schedule a time to meet with me, please call my office at 972-997-9955. 

Anxiety therapy and counseling for Plano residents is just a call away.  You can get help now.


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